High level meditation to fill the body with heavenly energy and awaken the latent powers of the brain.

Sharing an amazing meditation for health that Grandmaster Doo Wai has released to the public. This meditation was created by Taoist monk Fung Do Duk during the Ming dynasty, I highly advise anyone who is on the spiritual path to practice this meditation. Not only will it bring health, it will fill the lower navel center the heavenly energy and circulate that energy through the body. One may experience expanded states of samadhi and develop the powers of the third eye with this meditation. One may do this meditation with or without the herbs.
As part of the RASA program, one should practice this meditation to prepare ones energetic system to be more receptive to the crown chakra process that is initiated by the RASA transmission.
I look forward to assisting your path to self-realization.
Because people have been practicing this meditation wrongly, I have explained the process in detail below. You must do this meditation completely correctly for it to work.
Firstly sit down, close your eyes and hold the “earth” mudra, right hand on top of the left hand, thumbs touching.
Breath control sequence: All the breathing is done through the nose. Expand  and inflate the belly on inhale, and contract and deflate the belly on exhale. Cave the chest, and slightly tuck in the chin, to make sure you do not let the air in the chest during the breath control sequence.
This meditation involves percentage breathing.
For 100% breaths you must count till ten on the inhale, and count to ten on exhale. For the various percentages you will count for the appropriate number to measure your breath capacity. For example if you are supposed to breathe in to 100%, exhale 50%, and breathe in to 50% and exhale 100% you will inhale 10 counts, breath out 5 counts, inhale 5 counts, and exhale 10 counts.
100% breaths mean you inhale to maximum breath capacity on inhale, and you exhale your maximum breath capacity.
  1. Inhale 100%, exhale 100%
  2. Inhale 100%, exhale 100%
  3. Inhale 100%, exhale 100%
  4. Inhale 100%, exhale 50%, inhale 50%, exhale 100%
  5. Inhale 100%, exhale 40%, inhale 40%, exhale 100%
  6. Inhale 100%, exhale 30%, inhale 30%, exhale 100%
  7. Inhale 100%, exhale 20%, inhale 20%, exhale 100%
  8. Inhale 100%, exhale 10%, inhale 10%, exhale 100%
Now forget about your breathing and simply relax in the posture for minimum 5 minutes to an hour.
Then when you are ready to come out of the meditation make sure you take 3 deep inhale and exhales, all 100%
Do not open your eyes for the entirety of this meditation. If you make a mistake during the percentage breathing, MAKE SURE you take 3 deep breaths and then restart the meditation from the beginning.
Many are letting us know they are repeating the breath % many times instead of doing it once as instructed in the video. DO NOT DO THIS AS THIS MAY BE DAMAGING AND CAUSE HARMFUL AND UNINTENDED EFFECTS.
The intense healing and spiritual effects occur when you are simply holding the posture after the breath control is accomplished.
Comment below and let us know your experiences with this high level healing meditation.




One thought on “High level meditation to fill the body with heavenly energy and awaken the latent powers of the brain.

  1. Thankyou so much for taking the time to explain this heavenly energy meditation. I will share what took place as a spiritual practitioner of some years and one who has had near death experiences and other strange experiences in my life, that allow me to apparently see energy.

    Firstly there was purple/indigo clouds of energy when I looked up to my third eye while doing the meditation and then it changes to nothing put pure white clouds of energy on a darker background, it’s so very beautiful and I experience a deep meditational trance with no mind, the more I practise the more powerful the white energy becomes and clearer I see it.

    I am used to such states of deep meditation and states of samadi during group RASA transmissions which are very powerful for me, or in deep meditation but this feels different, the energy can be felt in the lower Dantian and moving around the lower region to the mid section. How wonderful of GM Doo Wai to leave this video where those who are searching might find it.

    I hope one day to have the funds to practise CKY and in the mean time to save up for RASA one on one, it will take some time alas, however in the mean time I am blessed with this and a free explaination on how to do it right, my eternal gratitude Ausar.


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