The Golden Lotus System – The Original Practice of Shakyamuni Buddha –  Unveiled for the FIRST time in History – Immortal Level Cultivation

The Secret of the Golden Flower


The Golden Lotus System is best represented by the tale of Buddha from my blog:

Maha means great, many and victorious. The Sanskrit word kasyapa means ‘great turtle clan’, because Mahakasyapa’s ancestors saw the pattern on the back of a giant turtle and used it to cultivate the Way. Kasyapa also means ‘light drinking clan’, because his body shone with light which was so bright it seemed to drink up all other light.
“Why did his body shine? Seven Buddhas ago, in the time of the Buddha Vipasyin, there was a poor woman who decided to repair a ruined temple. The roof of the temple had been blown off and the images inside were exposed to the wind and rain. The woman went everywhere and asked for help, and when she had collected enough money she commissioned a goldsmith to regild the images. By the time he was finished, the goldsmith fell in love with her and said, ‘You have attained great merit from this work, but we should share it. You may supply the gold and I will furnish the labor, free.’ And so the temple was rebuilt and the images regilded. The goldsmith asked the woman to marry him, and in every life for ninety-one kalpas, they were husband and wife and their bodies shone with purple and golden light.
“Mahakashyapa was born in Magadha in India. When he was twenty, his father and mother wanted him to marry, but he said, ‘The woman I marry must shine with golden light. Unless you find such a woman, I won’t marry.’ Eventually they found one, and they were married. As a result of their good karma their bodies shone with golden light, and they cultivated together and investigated the doctrines of the Way. When Mahakashyapa left home to become a Bhikshu, his wife became a Bhikshuni called Purple and Golden Light.
“Mahakashyapa’s personal name was Pippala, because his parents prayed to the spirit of a pippala tree to grant them a son.
“As the first patriarch, Mahakashyapa holds an important position in Buddhism. When Shakyamuni Buddha spoke the Dharma, the Great Brahma Heaven King presented him with a golden lotus and Shakyamuni Buddha held up the flower before the assembly. At that time hundreds of thousands of gods and men were present, but no one responded except Mahakashyapa, who simply smiled. The Buddha said, ‘I have the Right Dharma-Eye Treasury, the wondrous mind of Nirvana, the reality beyond appearance. The Dharma-door of mind to mind transmission has been entrusted to Kashyapa.’ Thus Mahakashyapa received the transmission of Dharma and became the first Buddhist patriarch.
“The Venerable Mahakashyapa is still present in the world. When he left home under the Buddha, he was already one hundred sixty years old. At the time Shakyamuni Buddha had spoken Dharma for forty-nine years in over three hundred Dharma assemblies, Kashyapa was already over two hundred years old. After Shakyamuni Buddha entered Nirvana, Kashyapa went to Southwestern China, to Chicken Foot Mountain in Yunnan Province. It has been over three thousand years since the Buddha’s nirvana, but Mahakashyapa is still sitting in samadhi in Chicken Foot Mountain waiting for Maitreya Buddha to appear in the world. At that time he will give Maitreya the bowl which the Four Heavenly Kings gave Shakyamuni Buddha and which Shakyamuni Buddha gave him, and his work in the world will be finished.
“When cultivators travel to Chicken Foot Mountain to worship the Patriarch Kashyapa, on the mountain there are always three kinds of light: Buddha-light, golden light, and silver light. Those with sincere hearts can hear a big bell ringing inside the mountain. It rings by itself, and although you can’t see it, you can hear it for several hundred miles. It is an inconceivable experience.”


The Golden Lotus Palm:

The Golden Lotus is the symbol of ultimate spiritual perfection and is connected to the Sound “Aaaa”. “Aaaa” is the sound of the Heart and the first word of God (A – U – M). “Aaa” is also the sound of creation and life. To realize the Golden Lotus means to realize the Center and Heart of all things, to be infused with the source of all Life. It is said in the Hindhu Tradition that the whole Cosmos was conceived inside the Hiranya Garba (Golden Womb) in which is seated a giant Golden Lotus holding up all of creation. The Golden Lotus is the energy of “life” itself and the universal creation of the “Dao”. When Shakyamuni Buddha realized his ultimate enlightenment he was handed the Golden Lotus by Brahma Himself, bestowing upon him authority over the entire creation.
The Golden Lotus was bestowed upon Shakyamuni Buddha by Brahma, who rules the material creation. Since then the Golden Lotus was kept secret and only handed down to each Buddhist patriarch until the 28th patriarch Bodhidharma who took Buddhism to China and established the Shaolin monastery. Bodhidharma was credit to be the founder of Chan “Zen” Buddhism  and the founder of Shaolin Kungfu. The Golden Lotus system then came under the protection of the Guan Yin Sect. The Guan Yin Sect hid the Golden Lotus practice deep within Shaolin. For over a 1000 years the Golden Lotus was then handed to each Shaolin Abbot until “Five Elder” monk and Shaolin Abbot Fund Do Duk taught it to the Doo Family in the 1600s. The Golden Lotus Practice then came under the guardianship of the Bak Fu Pai and was handed down to each Bak Fu Pai Grandmaster until Grandmaster Doo Wai of the present day.
The Golden Lotus Palm is the original Secret of the Golden Flower that was hidden deep within Buddhism and Daoism. Lu Dongbin, one of the eight immortals of Taoism, wrote a text on the Secret of the Golden Flower that documented all the secret alchemical steps towards immortality. For more information on the text, please read here:
The alchemical transformations that take place during the Golden Lotus Palm are extremely complex and are only divulged to my devoted students of the Golden Lotus Palm
Image result for lu dongbin

Lu Dongbin, the most famous of the eight immortals of Taoism, who wrote the sacred alchemical text “The Secret of the Golden Flower.”

The Golden Lotus practice is designed to turn the body into pure Gold and establish the practitioner in the Golden State of Immortality.




Experience the Golden Lotus System NOW:

Price: 5000 USD.
You will receive:
  • The Golden Lotus System of Shakyamuni Buddha to turn the body into Gold.
  • An extra preparatory seated golden meditation to assist that removes all the blockages preventing you from realizing the light body. This seated meditation will also allow you to radiate gold light and be constantly healed on all physical, mental and spiritual levels as long as you are connected close to the ground, due to resonation with the Earth energy.
  •  A wiring and initiation of the Golden Lotus energy into your system so you always have the Golden Lotus energy flowing through you.
  • Initiating you with the ability to heal and protect yourself and others with the Golden Lotus Energy
Please use the contact page to inquire more about the Golden Lotus.
The Golden Lotus system is mostly for my current students of CKY White Lotus that wish to take their Light Body practice to a higher level and truly embody the state of enlightenment. However, there are exceptions. If you truly wish to start with the Golden Lotus system please contact me and we can discuss it.

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