10,000 Lotuses Combined System

The 10,000 Lotuses Combined System – The Original Mystical Practice of Padmasambava, the “Lotus-Born” Guru


Guru Padmasambava – The “Lotus Born” Second Buddha who brought the Light Body teachings to Tibet in the 8th century.

The 10,000 or Unlimited Lotuses Combined System “Maahn Lin Fa”

This historic release marks the first time this practice will be seen in this world since the time of Padmasambava.

In Tibetan, Guru Padmasambhava is generally referred to as Guru Rinpoche, which means “precious master.” Guru Rinpoche is a totally enlightened being, a fully awakened one, a buddha. He did not become enlightened gradually, or start practicing the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni and eventually achieve enlightenment. Guru Rinpoche incarnated as a fully enlightened being. Through his form, primordial wisdom manifests in the world to benefit all sentient beings.

Buddha Shakyamuni Foretells the Coming of Padmasambhava

Buddha Shakyamuni actually predicted Guru Padmasambhava’s appearance. Nineteen different sutras and tantras contain clear predictions of his arrival and activities. In the Mahaparinirvana Sutra, Buddha Shakyamuni announced his own mahaparinirvana to the students who were with him at the time. Many of them, particularly Ananda, the Buddha’s cousin and personal attendant, were quite upset upon hearing this, so the Buddha turned to Ananda and told him not to worry.

“Eight years after my mahaparinirvana, a remarkable being with the name Padmasambhava will appear in the center of a lotus and reveal the highest teaching concerning the ultimate state of the true nature, bringing great benefit to all sentient beings.”
– Buddha Shakyamuni

“Eight years after my mahaparinirvana, a remarkable being with the name Padmasambhava will appear in the center of a lotus and reveal the highest teaching concerning the ultimate state of the true nature, bringing great benefit to all sentient beings.” Buddha Shakyamuni said that Padmasambhava would be even more enlightened than himself. Of course, Buddha Shakyamuni was fully enlightened and there is no higher realization, but by the Buddha’s manner of expression, we can begin to understand the importance of Guru Padmasambhava. Some accounts hold that Guru Rinpoche is a direct reincarnation of Buddha Shakyamuni. Buddha Shakyamuni also said Padmasambhava would be an emanation of Buddha Amitabha and Avalokiteshvara, and referred to him as the “embodiment of all the buddhas of the three times.” Many prophecies indicate that Guru Rinpoche would be a fully enlightened buddha, appearing in this world to help sentient beings. (Padmasambava.org)
To read more about the biography of Padmasambava please read here – http://www.muktinath.org/buddhism/padmasambhava1.htm
It was Padmasambava who originally brought the  Light Body teachings to Tibet in the 8th century. According to legend, Padmasambava was told to have been born at eight-years old on a lotus in the middle of lake in Oddiyana, India. Padmasambava was said to have brought thousands to the Light Body state in his lifetime. Through his efforts, Padmasambava added a harmonious fusion of the Light Body teachings and Buddhist philosophical teachings to the native Tibetain “Bon” shamanistic religion that was already present at the time. Padmasambava brought thousands of disciples to the Light Body state of Enlightenment and completly changed the political, cultural and spiritual future of Tibet until the present day.

10,000 Lotuses System:

The 10,000 Lotuses System one of the few main practices of Guru Padmasambava that was only transmitted orally and secretly via authentic Vajrayana Heart-to-Heart transmission. It is a direct transmission of the mystical Dharma that bridges the White Lotus of Hinduism, to the Gold, Blue, and Red Lotuses of Buddhism and to secret and mystical  Lotuses that are only found in the celestial realms of Daoism and the realms of Immortality.

The State of the 10,000 Lotuses system:

When one achieves the Light Body through the 10,000 lotuses system it will be unlike the traditional Light Body state. Together with the Golden Aura of immortality, you will notice unlimited different kinds of lotuses start to emanate from you. Every few seconds your state will change from white lotus, to red lotus, to blue lotus, to fire lotus, and so on. This is not a normal Light Body state but instead a legendary and mystical state that cannot be reached by traditional Light Body teachings. You will be be able to enter the state and manifest the Light and Power of any Lotus at will. Ultimately you will experience yourself as a universe of ultimate Divine Lotuses.

The 10,000 Lotuses Rotates from Lotus to Lotus greatly accelerating the Light Body progress, and bringing a state of Perfection, Bliss and Healing on countless levels:

Lotus means Heart and ‘Light Body’. To realize the Lotus of the Heart means to realize the primordial Self. In the state of 10,000 Unlimited Lotuses, your Light Body (after it is achieved) will be power-leveled to unimaginable heights.  As the states of the different Lotuses continue to switch and rotate within you, all known and unknown aspects of your body mind and spirit are purified and continually pushed towards deeper and higher states of enlightenment and immortality. The state of Unlimited Lotuses cannot be achieved by any other means other than with the 10,000 Lotuses system.

The 10,000 Lotuses allows access to multiple dimensions of the Universe:

Each Lotus is situated in a different heavenly realm and represents a different aspect of the primordial self in the heart and the primordial act of creation. As all the Lotuses are cultivated at once with the 10,000 Lotus practice all the hidden centers of the brain, correlating to all the different heavenly realms of the universe, will be awakened at once. The 10,000 lotuses causes a state of Omniscience and spiritual authority not only on earth but throughout all the Realms of the Cosmos. In time, you will be able to enter any realm at will.

 The 10,000 Lotuses will empower all the other Lotus “Light Body” systems:

The 10,000 Lotuses system will allow you  to sky-rocket your progress in the other CKY Lotus systems you are practicing, whether it is the White Lotus, Red Lotus of Gold Lotus. During the practice of 10,000 Lotuses you will feel at specific times the same energetic flow that manifests when training the White lotus, Gold Lotus or Red Lotus. You could say that the 10,000 Lotuses trains the White lotus, Gold lotus and Red lotus at once while progressing to deeper unheard of,  and more mystical Lotus realms. Only for my current students, will I speak more specifically about what the nature of these more  mystical lotuses. There is no system more powerful for the Heart other than the 10,000 lotuses.

The Relationship between 10,000 Lotuses and Kriya Yoga:

The 10,000 Lotuses combined system is among the highly advanced, legendary and mystical Kriya Yoga systems that very few masters know about. Kriya Yoga starts with the mastery of OM, the White Lotus. However, Om comprises only of a select aspect of Primordial Reality. The 10,000 Lotuses cultivates all the known and unknown aspects of Primordial Reality. I will share more details about this only to current students of the 10,000 Lotus system.

The 10,000 Lotuses will allow you to realize the truth and significance of the Lotus:

It is only through this cultivation that the true significance of the Lotus will be unveiled to you. The realization of the Lotus, will cause the Lotus to bloom in all aspects of your life: in your health, wealth, career, and relationships. The Lotus is the symbol of a new beginning, a new life, a prosperous purity and perfection that cannot be sullied by material matter or karma.
The general Public has never before had the opportunity to Learn, Progress in and Realize the attainment and fruits of the 10,000 Lotus Combined System. Only if you were a direct student of Padmasamabava over a thousand years ago would you ever have the chance to learn it.

Experience the 10,000 Lotuses Combined System Now:

Price: 3000 USD

You will receive:
  • The 10,000 Lotuses Combined System of Padmasambava Buddha to turn the body into unlimited divine Lotuses.
  • An extra preparatory seated golden meditation to assist will all the blockages preventing you from realizing the light body. This seated meditation will also allow you to to radiate gold light and constantly healed on all physical, mental and spiritual levels as long as you are connected close to the ground.
  • An extra Red Lotus meditation designed to heal terminal illness and rejuvenate the body, effects include retarding the aging process and turning white hair to be black again.
  •  A wiring and initiation of the 10,000 Lotuses into your system so you always have the 10,000 lotuses flowing through you
  • Initiating you with the ability to heal with the 10,000 Lotuses.
Due to the rarity of this system, it can be only transmitted through direct initiation alone. The 10,000 Lotuses combined system will be available to those only those who have practiced one of our other lotuses systems.


Receive the 10,000 Lotus system plus our foundational CKY White Lotus system:

Price: 3500 USD

This package deal will be for those sincere students who do not want to wait to learn the 10,000 Lotuses but want to directly “jump” into the ultimate journey toward the Light Body.
Please use the contact page for all further queries about the 10,000 Lotus system and to discuss your eligibility to learn the system.





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