CKY Red Lotus System

The Red Lotus System – The Original Practice of Amitabha Buddha, the Head of the Lotus Family and the Buddha of Infinite Light and Life.


Who is Amitabha?

According to the Larger Sūtra of Immeasurable Life, Amitābha was, in very ancient times and possibly in another system of worlds, a monk named Dharmakāra. In some versions of the sūtra, Dharmakāra is described as a former king who, having come into contact with Buddhist teachings through the buddha Lokeśvararāja, renounced his throne.
Through his efforts, Amitābha created a pure land called Sukhāvatī (Sanskrit: “possessing happiness”) . Sukhāvatī is situated in the uttermost west, beyond the bounds of our own world.
As Shakyamuni told us, Dharmakara contemplated the vows he was about to make for five full kalpas and then he chose the necessary practices to fulfill them:
For five full kalpas he contemplated the vows and then chose the pure practices for the establishment of his Buddha-land.”[24]
To practice sitting meditation for even 5 hours a day is an extremely hard job for any nowadays practitioner, not to mention to sit for one day, seven days, a few months or a year, but to contemplate continuously for five full kalpas is truly beyond our capacity to understand. No wonder then that hearing about the time Dharmakara spent in contemplation, Ananda immediately asked the Buddha to specify how long was the lifespan of beings who belonged to the time and land of Lokesvararaja:
“Ananda asked the Buddha, “How long was the lifespan of beings in the land of Buddha Lokesvararāja?” The Buddha replied, “The length of life of that Buddha was forty-two
So, after five kalpas of contemplation, Dharmakara Bodhisattva “adopted the pure practices that had led to the establishment of the excellent lands of two hundred and ten kotis of Buddhas”.
Thus, being sure about the Vows and what practices to follow, he went to inform Lokesvararaja Buddha:
“He went to the Buddha, knelt down at his feet, walked around him three times, joined his palms in worship, and sat down. He then said to the Buddha, ‘I have adopted the pure practices for the establishment of a glorious Buddha-land.’”[26]
Having heard the Dharmakara’s wonderful vows, Lokesvararaja was overjoyed and asked him to proclaim them to the entire assembly:
“The Buddha said to him, ‘You should proclaim this. Know that now is the right time. Encourage and delight the entire assembly. Hearing this, other bodhisattvas will practice this Dharma and so fulfill their innumerable great vows.’
The bhiksreplied, ‘I beg you to grant me your attention. Now I will fully proclaim my vows.’”[27]
Then, after listing the 48 Vows Shakyamuni described the various practices Dharmakara  engaged into for “inconceivable and innumerable kalpas” in order to become a Buddha and manifest his Pure Land:
“Then, Ananda, after proclaiming and establishing those universal vows in the presence of Buddha Lokesvararaja before the multitude of beings, including the eight kinds of superhuman beings, such as devas and dragon spirits, and also Mara and Brahma, Bhiksu Dharmakara was solely intent on producing a glorious and exquisite land. The Buddha-land that he sought to establish was vast in extent, unsurpassed, and supremely wonderful, always present and subject neither to decay nor change. During inconceivable and innumerable kalpas, he cultivated the immeasurable meritorious practices of the bodhisattva path.”[28]
            Then, Ananda asked Shakyamuni a direct and very important question for us:
“Ananda asked the Buddha, ‘Has Bodhisattva Dharmakara already attained Buddhahood and then passed into Nirvana? Or has he not yet attained Buddhahood? Or is he dwelling somewhere at present?’
The Buddha replied to Ananda, ‘Bodhisattva Dharmakara has already attained Buddhahood and is now dwelling in a Western Buddha- land called ‘Peace and Bliss,’ a hundred thousand kotis of lands away from here.’
Ananda further asked the Buddha, ‘How much time has passed since he attained Buddhahood?”
The Buddha replied, “Since he attained Buddhahood about ten kalpas[29] have passed.”[30]
In the Smaller Amida Sutra[31], Shakyamuni also said to Sariputra on the same topic:
“The Buddha then said to Elder Sāriputra: ‘If you travel westward from here, passing a hundred thousand kotis of Buddha-lands, you will come to the land called Utmost Bliss, where there is a Buddha named Amitayus. He is living there now, teaching the Dharma’”.[32]
As Shakyamuni confirms, Dharmakara already attained Buddhahood, and from then on in the Larger Sutra or the Smaller Sutra and Contemplation Sutra, he no longer calls him by this name, but “Amitayus”, which means Infinite Life or “Amitabha” – “Infinite Light”. These two aspects, “Infinite Life” (Amitayus) and “Infinite Light” (Amitabha) are merged into the word “Amida”[33], which means the Buddha of Infinite Life and Infinite Light. His Infinite Life is the effect of the 13th Vow which he made when he was Dharmakara Bodhisattva, while the Infinite Light is the effect of the 12th Vow. So, we cannot separate Amitayus (Infinite Life) from Amitabha (Infinite Light) because these are the two aspects of the same Buddha. In the section 4 from the Smaller Amida Sutra, Shakyamuni explained this to Sariputra:
“For what reason, Sāriputra, do you think that Buddha is called Amitabha? Sāriputra, the Buddha’s light shines boundlessly and without hindrance over all the worlds of the ten directions. It is for this reason that he is called Amitabha. Again, Sariputra, the lives of the Buddha and the people of his land last for innumerable, unlimited, and incalculable kalpas. It is for this reason that the Buddha is called Amitayus.”[34]
Shakyamuni tells us another important aspect about Dharmakara who became Amida Buddha – he “is now dwelling in a Western Buddha-land called ‘Peace and Bliss,’” – which is to be found not here, but “a hundred thousand kotis[35] of lands away from here”. 
This is extremely important, as it shows that there is a clear distinction between this world with its unenlightened beings, and the Pure Land. Shakyamuni did not explained Amida and his Pure Land in ultimate terms, and did not say that they are to be found in one’s heart/mind or “here and now”, as some nowadays deluded scholars are trying to convince us. On the contrary, Dharmakara who became Amida Buddha is dwelling in his Pure Land, outside of this samsaric realm.
“The Buddha said to Ananda, ‘Rise to your feet, rearrange your robes, put your palms together, and respectfully revere and worship Amitayus.’ […] Ananda stood up, rearranged his robes, assumed the correct posture, faced westward, and, demonstrating his sincere reverence, joined his palms together, prostrated himself on the ground, and worshiped Amitayus. Then he said to Śhakyamuni Buddha, ‘World-honored One, I wish to see that Buddha, his Land of Peace and Bliss, and its hosts of bodhisattvas and sravakas.’
As soon as he had said this, Amitayus emitted a great light, which illuminated all the Buddha lands. The Encircling Adamantine Mountains, Mount Sumeru, together with large and small mountains and everything else shone with the same [golden] color. That light was like the flood at the end of the period of cosmic change that fills the whole world, when myriads of things are
 submerged, and as far as the eye can see there is nothing but the vast expanse of water. Even so was the flood of light emanating from Amitayus. All the lights of sravakas and bodhisattvas were outshone and surpassed, and only the Buddha’s light remained shining bright and glorious. At that time Ananda saw the splendor and majesty of Amitayus resembling Mount Sumeru, which rises above the whole world. There was no place that was not illuminated by the light emanating from his body of glory [Sambhogakaya or Dharmakaya as compassionate means – Amida’s transcendent body]. The four groups of followers of the Buddha in the assembly saw all this at the same time. Likewise, those of the Pure Land saw everything in this world.
Then the Buddha said to Ananda and Bodhisattva Maitreya, “Have you seen that landfilled with excellent and glorious manifestations, all spontaneously produced, from the ground to the Heaven of Pure Abode?” Ananda replied, “Yes, I have.”
The Buddha asked, “Have you also heard the great voice of Amitayus expound the Dharma to all the worlds, guiding sentient beings to the Way of the Buddha?”
Ananda replied, “Yes, I have.”

Amitabha’s Red Lotus System Heals the Body of all Illnesses:

Amitabha is also known as Amitayus, the Buddha of Infinite Life, whose energy rids the body of all diseases and returns the body back to its original state, retarding the aging process. According to the Grandmaster Doo Wai, these Red lotus meditations will heal the body completely to the extent that it will turn white or grayish hair black again.

Amitabha’s Red Lotus System heals the Heart of all afflicting emotions and allows you to master all qualities of the Heart.

The Red Lotus is the Lotus of the Heart and symbolizes love, compassion and mastery of all the qualities of the Heart. Along the path of enlightenment, virtue is what will carry you to the highest levels and prevent you from falling. Cultivating the Red Lotus will allow you to cultivate the Heart of Virtue with the strength to overcome all darkness and obstacles.

Amitabha’s Red lotus system brings many psychic perceptions:

Grandmaster Doo Wai stated that these Red Lotus meditations are among the most effective to awaken the latent powers of the brain. When you do the Red Lotus system you will perceive many lights within the spiritual eye. The kaleidoscopic visual effect in the brain will allow you to awaken the abilities of clairvoyance and clairaudience,  as well as the ability to see energy and auras accurately.

Amitabha’s Red Lotus System empowers the Light Body with the perfection of the Physical Body:

As the health of the body increases and the purity of the heart starts to shine, the Light Body will become more powerful and resilient.  The Light Body needs a physical body of health and a heart free of sin in order for its power to fully manifest. Someone who practices the Red Lotus system everyday will have a stronger vibration due to this reason.

Amitabha’s Red Lotus System will allow you to ignite small objects on fire:

Because of the intense purity of the energy that dissolves karma which is unique to this system, the heat generated will ultimately allow for the legendary ability of igniting small objects on fire. Grandmaster Doo Wai has demonstrated this repeatedly throughout his life.

Experience the Amitabha’s Red Lotus System

Price: 4000 USD
You will receive:
  • The Red Lotus System of Amitabha Buddha, the Buddha of Infinite Life and Light.
  • An extra preparatory seated golden meditation to assist will remove all the blockages preventing you from realizing the light body. This seated meditation will also allow you to radiate gold light and be constantly healed on all physical, mental and spiritual levels as long as you are connected close to the ground, due to resonation with the Earth energy.
  • A wiring and initiation of the Red Lotus energy into your system so you always have the Red Lotus energy flowing through you.
  • Initiating you with the ability to heal and protect yourself and others with the Red Lotus Energy
Please use the contact page to inquire more about the Red Lotus.



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