Buddha Golden Lotus

Doo Family Buddha Golden Lotus Practice

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The Buddha Golden Lotus system was said to be a treasure of the Doo Family over centuries.
The Buddha Golden Lotus system is a seated meditation with only a single posture. This practice has no breath %, it is transmitted from master to student.
The Buddha Golden Lotus is an excellent preparatory system to our more advanced Golden Lotus Palm, which was the original practice kept secret within Shaolin and the original “Secret of the Golden Flower” method.
The Buddha Golden Lotus will allow you to attain the Light Body and realize the Golden Lotus state very quickly.
Grandmaster Doo Wai stated he achieved enlightenment with the Golden lotus at a young age. When Ausar asked what were the effects of doing this practice hours everyday, Grandmaster Doo Wai answered simply: “Enlightenment!”
For more information on the spiritual nature of the Golden Lotus  please click here.

Experience the Buddha Golden Lotus System NOW:

Price: 2000 USD.

You will receive:
  • The Buddha Golden Lotus System.
  • An extra preparatory seated golden meditation to assist that removes all the blockages preventing you from realizing the light body. This seated meditation will also allow you to radiate gold light and be constantly healed on all physical, mental and spiritual levels as long as you are connected close to the ground, due to resonation with the Earth energy.
  • Another special enhancement Golden Lotus meditation, to increase the energy flow of the Golden Lotus energy to the palms and fingertips.
  •  A wiring and initiation of the Golden Lotus energy into your system so you always have the Golden Lotus energy flowing through you.
  • Initiating you with the ability to heal and protect yourself and others with the Golden Lotus Energy.