Learn Celestial Kriya Yoga Now

Practice Celestial Kriya Yoga and Awaken to the Divine Within.

Celestial Kriya Yoga is taught in its entirety with no levels or stages left out. You will be practicing the same ancient meditation  that monks practiced  over a thousand years ago  in far away hidden temples that were never opened to the public. Celestial Kriya Yoga is dated to 690 AD during the Tang Dynasty.
After a thousand years, Celestial Kriya Yoga is finally being released publicly.
Benefits of Celestial Kriya Yoga:
  • Completely heal your body and mind of all diseases and impurities
  • Supercharge your energy level by daily infusing yourself with Divine White Light of OM, the Celestial Light of Brahman.
  • Awaken instantaneously to the Divine Energy that is your very Soul.
  • Practice a meditation that is authentic and old scientifically designed to bring you unlimited realizations of enlightenment and cosmic oneness.
  • Bypass long arduous unnecessary hours to control your mind.
  • Awaken to Divine Bliss and your true Nature as Sat-Chit-Ananda, Existence-Consiousness-Bliss.
  • Stimulate and energize all 7 chakras and 3 dantians.
  • Completely awaken your Third Eye and latent faculties and powers of the brain.
  • Experience deep Samadhi states of Turiyatitta.
  • Become a Light for yourself and others.
  • Ultimately Awaken the Light Body in the form of OM.
Daily Practice of Celestial Kriya Yoga will guarantee one’s Enlightenment and awaken the latent divinity within you.

How can I learn the Celestial Kriya Yoga Method?

The Celestial Kriya Yoga method is taught via Skype session by Ausar. Upon learning the Celestial Kriya Yoga method and receiving a completion ticket certifying that you are allowed to practice the Celestial Kriya yoga Method you will receive a video of the Master of this system demonstrating this meditation. This information  is strictly confidential and you are not allowed to share this video with anyone. You are then free to practice this meditation that will carry you throughout your whole life.

Experience Celestial Kriya Yoga Now!

Price to learn  the Celestial Kriya Yoga via skype is $2016.
This is a one time fee and you will receive all the 18 levels to the Celestial Kriya Yoga Method in its entirety as taught since the Tang Dynasty. Unlike other systems and schools there is no need to pay more for further initiations or workshops. Celestial Kriya Yoga is an ancient mystical artifact of an almost ‘lost world’. Practicing Celestial Kriya Yoga connects you to this lost mystical world that is now only known mostly through fairy tales or mythologies. You are will be coached to awaken the full attainment of the Light Body.


Limited time offer for this fall:

Students who receive initation into  Celestial Kriya Yoga will also receive two lying down advanced healing meditations.

These two meditations:
  • Establishes the foundation for the deeper alchemical process of Celestial Kriya Yoga.
  • Fill the lower dantian with divine energy.
  • Transform the “jing” (essence) into “qi” (energy).
  •  Fill the microcosmic orbit with energy (energy travels up the back of the body to the brain and down the front of the body to the lower dantian)
  • Fills the macrocosmic orbit with energy (the energy circulation includes the legs and feet)
  • Heals the eyesight.
  • Heals all blockages and sickness in the body.
  • Very easy to practice (can be done just before falling asleep or just when waking up.)
After around two months of practicing these lying down meditations one should experience heat and vibration in the belly. A “physical” condensed ball of divine energy will form in the lower belly and one will experience their microcosmic orbit spinning rapidly. In many schools of Buddhism and Taoism, this represents the completion of “establishing the foundation”, “restoring ones essence” and “returning to youthfulness.” When this happens one does not have to practice the lying down meditations anymore and can simply focus on Celestial Kriya Yoga.
Now one can full embark on the awakening of the Light Body in CKY.
Just practicing Celestial Kriya Yoga without the foundational meditations will still awaken the Light Body as the divine will make sure that it happens for you. However practicing both Celestial Kriya Yoga and the lying down meditations will greatly speed up the foundational alchemical process within the lower dantian.


Sharing, teaching or trading the Celestial Kriya Yoga method is restricted. If it is found that you are sharing this method without our knowledge you will be banned from all future releases of the Spiritual Heart Center may incite legal action on our part. There is a strict no refund policy.